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The Snow Lion Stirs
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The Snow Lion Stirs

The Snow Lion Stirs


Paperback and Kindle ebook versions are available now...

Paperback book details:  304 pages - 129mm (w) x 198mm (h) x 18mm (d)  

Set predominantly in Tibet, this standalone fictional story recounts the events which unfold when two siblings become involved in the Tibetan's struggle to recover their country's independence ...

Jenny Walters, an accomplished young lawyer and gifted linguist, is used to her brother getting into scrapes. Tough, resourceful and ex-SAS, he can usually look after himself. But he promised Jenny that for his latest project in Tibet he will only be working with an aid charity. However, if that is the case, why have all communications from him abruptly ceased? And can it be pure chance that he is in the country at the same time as its relations with China are reaching crisis point after the assassination of the Chinese President?

Leaving her comfortable home and well-paid job in London, she travels to Tibet to check that he is safe. But Jenny soon finds that she has unwittingly launched herself into a melting pot of international intrigue, corruption and callous brutality. Unable to escape, and by now in love with the country and one of its citizens, she becomes embroiled in a perilous enterprise that will decide the future of Tibet and the lives or deaths of everyone who is dear to her.

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